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Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.  For immediate assistance on these subject or other topics of interest contact us.

Q: I ran a card today in error.  Can the payment be stopped?

A: No.  Since card payments are real-time, the payment cannot be stopped. It can, however, be voided.


Q:  I ran an ACH payment today in error. Can the payment be stopped?

A: Yes. Since ACH payments are NOT real-time, the payment can be stopped (as long as it is caught before 6PM EST on the date of entry).


Q: Can I process a credit to someone’s card? How do I issue the credit?

A: Yes, you can process a credit to a card using the  gateway, however, you cannot issue credit to a card that has not been previously charged.


Q: I can’t remember my password. Am I able to reset it?

A: Yes, for both CC & ACH.


Q: Is there a way to break down what I received in deposit?

A: Yes, for both CC & ACH.


Q: I am trying to run a card and it is declining. Can I see why?

A: Yes, in the card gateway directly (LINK TO GATEWAY) there is a report available to show you what is declining and why.


Q: Is there a way to tell if an ACH item returned?

A: Yes.  In the ACH gateway directly ” Click Here” there are reports available to you to show what has returned.

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