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Fund Plaintiff Non-Recourse Loans, Payroll and other payments with a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Debit Card Program from REMCAP
Provide a flexible, safe alternative to payment by check or wire transfers to an attorney account by offering secure reloadable debit cards! 


REMCAP provides a quick and effective solution for funders to get proceeds into the hands of plaintiffs eligible for non-recourse loans in advance of legal settlements.

This program enables a funder to provide payment with a general purpose reloadable debit card as an alternative to wiring funds to attorney escrow accounts or sending checks to the homes of plaintiffs.


The program provides plaintiffs with immediate access to funds that have been loaded onto a MasterCard branded debit card that can be utilized to make merchandise purchases, draw funds at ATMs and wire money. It is of particular value for the unbanked population.
Our General Purpose Reloadable Debit Card has all of the same protections as any other bank-issued debit card including fraud and balance protection, replacement for stolen and lost cards.

We offer a legally-compliant electronic payment solution for large scale class actions and individual payments exceeding the funding limits of traditional debit card programs.

REMCAP will provide a detailed proposal on how to establish a program for your organization and support marketing and training for your staff and the end users of the program in legal firms.

Planning to implementation can be achieved over a two week period once your application has been approved.


Apply to our bank for approval to set up a general purpose reloadable debit card program.


  • Upon approval gain access to the internet portal for your company

  • Set up bank account for loading funds onto debit cards

  • Order a card inventory

  • Wire funds to your account for loading onto debit cards for plaintiffs approved for funding

  • Select instant load at law firm or mailing of cards to individual plaintiffs

  • Training provided on how to use the web portal to order cards and monitor card loads and usage

  • Significant revenue share to the funder based on cards issued and used 


Contact us for more information about how the REMCAP program can support your funding payment needs

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