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REMCAP provides payment processing services to merchants in all industries with competitive rates and high service levels.  

The primary focus of our company is the support of not-for-profit foundations, religious institutions and schools.  

How merchants and other organizations serving merchants and other companies that accept electronic payments start a relationship with REMCAP:

Companies and not-for profit organizations can explore all REMCAP services by viewing a demonstration either through a webinar or in person. They can see how these payment products increase cash flow and profits with a demonstration using sample REMCAP data or data of their own.

Breakthrough Payment Processing Solutions
REMCAP payment systems enable brick and mortar as well as organizations that accept payments online to utilize the most sophisticated, secure payment resources and technoligies for efficient, low-cost credit and debit card as well as e-check transactions:
  • Improve cash flow of nonprofits/charities – e-mail statement delivery and quick payment system; website payment and donation, free equipment loaners for fundraising events processing

  • Integration with major membership management and donor software (ShulCloud; Chaverware)

  • REMCAP also offers an easy to use product to set up recurring payments with the same payment methods


System Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use payment method offered to a nonprofit’s members or a business' customers

  • Accounting staffs will spend significantly less time stuffing and mailing statements, posting checks and performing bank reconciliations

  • Staff will get easy to use reporting to post to accounting records

  • A web or personal demonstration of this REMCAP application can be scheduled at your convenience







REMCAP Marketing Services
REMCAP can help a merchant or clients of an organization implement payment processes to improve revenue and profit by examining key operational processes and implementing innovative improvements
Through its web based design services, REMCAP can more effectively recommend changes to a company's web site to drive greater revenue either to support donations and other fundraising activities or increase purchase volume of a company's products



Businesses We Serve


  • Synagogues and other religious institutions

  • Preschools and Religious Schools

  • Retail and restaurants

  • Mail and telephone order

  • Business to consumer

  • Business to business

  • Internet-based business/ website shopping carts

  • Legal services

  • Wholesale

  • Seasonal businesses – we only open your account during the months you conduct business

  • Private schools, ISDs, and colleges/universities

  • In-home and start-ups – our low-cost processing means more revenue stays in-house

  • Consultants and other fee-based professionals – reduce your clients’ expenses

  • Nonprofits/charities – e-mail statement delivery and quick payment system; website payment and donation, free equipment loaners for fundraising events processing

  • Banks and Credit Unions – we help and increase your deposits and represent you well

  • Associations – online event registration processing

  • Lodging and  rental operations










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